Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Amazing Micro Dinobots

BWTMT Brickworks

Me Grimlock like micro Dinos!

Its fitting to end the year with one of my favourite builders and fellow AFOLs,  Kevin Ryhal aka M<O><ODSWIM .  We are about the same age and have similar interests in Lego building subject matter! Seems as if everything I blog lately is getting smaller and smaller, so we've gone from minis to micros - but here we see how amazing things come in really small packages. An homage to the G1 Dinobots - fully transforming - check them out!  

More pics on Flickr  of these micro transforming bots. Check out these and all of M<O><ODSWIM .'s other creations. Until next time, Happy, safe and prosperous New Year! !

Monday, December 9, 2013

Don't Have a lot of Lego .. just Make Small Legoformers

BWTMT Brickworks

Mini FOC Optimus Prime!

Back to Mini Scale! Proving that you can indeed make great functional formers with a limited brick supply.  Showcasing today one of the works of hpscully :  Mini, Fully Transforming FOC Optimus Prime. This cool creation  transforms from futuristic vehicle to Autobot Leader! Great Job!

Watch the Video  of this legoformer and please support this creation and check out other cool creations from hpscully. Until next time, keep your bricks clean and happy building everyone!