Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Amazing Micro Dinobots

BWTMT Brickworks

Me Grimlock like micro Dinos!

Its fitting to end the year with one of my favourite builders and fellow AFOLs,  Kevin Ryhal aka M<O><ODSWIM .  We are about the same age and have similar interests in Lego building subject matter! Seems as if everything I blog lately is getting smaller and smaller, so we've gone from minis to micros - but here we see how amazing things come in really small packages. An homage to the G1 Dinobots - fully transforming - check them out!  

More pics on Flickr  of these micro transforming bots. Check out these and all of M<O><ODSWIM .'s other creations. Until next time, Happy, safe and prosperous New Year! !

Monday, December 9, 2013

Don't Have a lot of Lego .. just Make Small Legoformers

BWTMT Brickworks

Mini FOC Optimus Prime!

Back to Mini Scale! Proving that you can indeed make great functional formers with a limited brick supply.  Showcasing today one of the works of hpscully :  Mini, Fully Transforming FOC Optimus Prime. This cool creation  transforms from futuristic vehicle to Autobot Leader! Great Job!

Watch the Video  of this legoformer and please support this creation and check out other cool creations from hpscully. Until next time, keep your bricks clean and happy building everyone!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Masterpiece Ultra Magnus / Optimus Prime

BWTMT Brickworks

Masterpiece Ultra Magnus / Optimus Prime!

Back to Minifig Scale!  Showcasing today one of the works of Spinnes :  Masterpiece G1 Ultra Magnus / Optimus Prime. This cool creation  transforms from truck cab to Autobot Leader! Looks a tad familiar, but this build showcases a lot of new transformation techniques similar to the actual masterpiece figure. Great Job!

Watch the Video  of this legoformer and please support this creation and check out other cool creations from Spinnes. Until next time, keep your bricks clean and happy building everyone!

Monday, November 11, 2013

More Minformers!

BWTMT Brickworks

Mini War for Cybertron Soundwave!

More Miniformers!  Showcasing today one of the works of Brickboyn13 :  Mini WFC Soundwave. Model fully transforms from futuristic cassette player? to Decepticon communications officer.   Another good looking mini produced by a legoformer builder on youtube. Keep em coming guys!

Watch the Video  and please support this creation and search out other cool creations from Brickboyn13. Until next time happy building everyone!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spidermus Prime?

BWTMT Brickworks

Spidermus Prime? Nope its long time fan of Boyzwiththemosttoyz, Jacob Ledesma's Optimus Prime. Model fully transforms and is quite cool for the size.

Watch the Video . Please support this creation on Jacob Ledesma's channel. Until next time happy building everyone!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Awesome Lego Building Techniques

I am not usually a fan of non transforming or Bay style movie Transformers but this non-transforming Movie Bumblebee by monozukuri on youtube shows us great Lego building techniques and the end result is an awesomely detailed and super articulated MOC. This video puts on a clinic of greebling and building techniques.

Watch the Video and be amazed. Please support this awesome creation and others on monozukuri's channel! Until next time happy building everyone!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Good things come in small packages!

Starscreamer20 has really impressed me with the arm transformation on his newest legoformer.
Proving good things CAN come in small packages. Check out this Decepticon drone in all its mini glory - converts from detailed pick-up truck to robot and back again.

Please support  starsceamer20 on youtube and check out his other cool stuff! Cheers

Saturday, September 14, 2013

TF Prime Characters in Lego

97Legomaniac From youtube has created some supersize fully transformable characters from Transformers Prime. Check them all out on his Channel   Today I think we'll showcase: TF Prime Soundwave .
Fully transforming , lots of acccesories including transforming laserbeak. Neato! I am really liking the transformation engineering on his creatons. These are truly well thought out! Support 97Legomaniac by subscribing to his youtube channel and watching for more great creations.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Less Is More!

Bigger isn't always better. Renowned Lego builder IXRolloutIX shows us once again that less is more! Another simple looking vehicle with a complex transformation ending in a great articulated small scale legoformer... This time its Boost! An art Deco Jetson's type space car which transforms......duh!

Check out the Video here: Click here!

Check out his youtube channel for more great creations legoformer and otherwise! Click Here!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Up and Coming?

It's my birthday today and I think this kid is after my job! LOL! Geblade10 from youtube is showing some impressive legoformers skills. Check him out:

Geblade10's legoformer Blazer

One to watch:  this lego builder seems to have legoformer engineering down to an art! Love the music on his vid too!  Happy Building Everyone!

Friday, August 9, 2013

N64 That Transforms

Ah memories ..... and wait it transforms. Another ingenious legoformer with  alt modes that transform into childhood gaming systems and accessories. Julius von Brunk has pulled at our nostalgic heartstrings once again with this retro build. Stupendous!

Please check out and support this most excellent creation.

Until next time.... Happy Legoformer building!

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

NEW Legoformer Blog!

Since most people know me for my crazy Lego Transformers Creations, I thought I would start sending "shout outs" to other Lego Transformer builders and help them showcase their creations. So my first will be one of my influences: Alan Yap. (he also has his own Blog)

His latest creations - G1 Ratchet and Iron Hide are spectacular (so are everything else he immortalizes in ABS.

check it out and give him your support...
G1 Lego Goodness on MOCpages - Ratchet & Ironhide

Until next time - Happy Building!