Friday, November 22, 2013

Masterpiece Ultra Magnus / Optimus Prime

BWTMT Brickworks

Masterpiece Ultra Magnus / Optimus Prime!

Back to Minifig Scale!  Showcasing today one of the works of Spinnes :  Masterpiece G1 Ultra Magnus / Optimus Prime. This cool creation  transforms from truck cab to Autobot Leader! Looks a tad familiar, but this build showcases a lot of new transformation techniques similar to the actual masterpiece figure. Great Job!

Watch the Video  of this legoformer and please support this creation and check out other cool creations from Spinnes. Until next time, keep your bricks clean and happy building everyone!

Monday, November 11, 2013

More Minformers!

BWTMT Brickworks

Mini War for Cybertron Soundwave!

More Miniformers!  Showcasing today one of the works of Brickboyn13 :  Mini WFC Soundwave. Model fully transforms from futuristic cassette player? to Decepticon communications officer.   Another good looking mini produced by a legoformer builder on youtube. Keep em coming guys!

Watch the Video  and please support this creation and search out other cool creations from Brickboyn13. Until next time happy building everyone!